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"Love Can Grow" is a song written by John Edd Thompson and Tammy Vice. It was released on Gods Child records as the title cut to Tammy's first Nashville recorded CD. Tammy and John Edd have continued to write together when they can. In Tammy's second Gods Child release "Miracles and Memories" there are two Thompson-Vice Co-writes..."We must be doing something wrong", a duet with Donnie Mills.. and "I Can Wait". Tammy is sounding better and better. John Edd's writing is maturing as well.  John Edd has now released a singer/ songwriter CD entitled 'Love Can Grow'.

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  A Song written by John Edd
Pictured above are Sharon Thompson (JE's Wife), Honey, a major star in the Far
East and John Edd. To find out more about Honey, click on her web site.
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John Edd pictured here with Gilbert ?, a Dutch filmaker and the late legendary Larry Sanders "The Prophet of Soul"